Benefits Of Using Cloth Diapers

Eco Friendly

Did you know it takes about 500 years for disposable diapers to biodegrade? Disposable diapers are also the third largest contributor to landfills.

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Disposable diapers can release volatile organic compounds and the inner absorbent layer of a disposable diaper is treated with chemicals, which can trigger allergic reactions. Just to note, cotton cloth diapers can also leave a rash if it is left on the baby for too long. Diaperdrop uses a cotton/hemp blend to prevent rashes from occuring. Parents can help prevent rashes by changing cloth diapers every couple of hours.

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Faster Potty Training

Cloth diapers can help children when potty training.  Disposable diapers pull the wetness away from babies skin.  When a baby cannot feel the wetness from the diaper there is no link between the urge to “go” and the action from the bladder or bowel.

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Removes The "Duty" From The Customer

Did you know that most modern parents think cloth diapering is a GREAT choice, but their least favorite part of cloth diapering is the duty involved. Also, many parents do not know the advantages to cloth diapers. The National Institutes of Health actually urge physicians to take a stand in favour of cloth diapers. Diaper Drop wants to support your decision to use cloth diapers, which is why we desire to make it easy by taking the “duty” out of cloth diapering and show you the advantages!

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Still Have Questions About Using Cloth Diapers?

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Story Of Origin

Our story started with a mother and her 2 daughters celebrating and discussing the joyous news that the oldest daughter was going to have a baby! Our family desires to support one another, and one way to support each other is to encourage the use of cloth diapers.

Using cloth diapers is safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Also, using cloth diapers help children to potty train earlier. Our desire to offer cloth diaper pick up and delivery service takes the “duty” out of diapering AND helps keep disposable diapers from landfills.

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