We wash our cloth diapers commercially; however, laundering at home will be different. We want to provide information about our care in laundering cloth diapers and some advice on how to launder cloth diapers at home.

For our basic packages, we will commercially wash the diapers all together. We do a prewash, then use no-dye, fragrance-free detergent for all our cloth diapers. For our premium packages we use the same detergent and do a prewash; however, these cloth diapers are washed in a separate load rather than the collectively washed diapers in our basic plan. All our packages are dried in a dryer, and occasionally bathed in sun. We do not use dryer sheets as it may hinder the absorbency of the diaper when it comes to usage.

Instructions for monthly subscribers: If your baby isn’t eating solid foods quite yet, their poop is water-soluble and will dissolve after the prewash. If your baby has started eating solid foods and their poop is formed, we ask that you dispose of it in the toilet before putting the cloth diaper in the bin for us to clean.

For washing at home, warm or cold water is okay, but we recommend hot water and suggest a prewash. For the detergent, look for labels that say, “free and clear” and then wash as if they were a regular batch of clothing. For drying, using a dryer is fine; however, it may accelerate the wear of the elastic and decrease the lifespan of hook and loop fasteners (Velcro). Always remember to secure the hook and loop before washing as it may create tears. Hanging to dry is also an option, outside in the sun is best because it reduces stains and the sun is a natural anti-microbial agent. New cloth diapers will shrink after washing.

Things to keep in mind:

Diaper Drop’s Mission: To help families have an affordable, safe alternative to using cloth diapers, without having to deal with the cleanup.


Overarching goal: Provide cleaning, rental, pick-up and delivery cloth diaper service for the Greater Texoma area.