Build Your Own Subscription Plan




Diaper Drop’s Build your own plan offers a plan for parents to customize the use of our services.  We understand when potty training time arrives you may only need our services according to your child’s needs.  We also understand as a parent you might only use cloth diapers at home, but when your child is at daycare you allow disposable diaper usage.  We can accommodate your needs.  Also, as a parent, you may want to purchase your own cloth diapers and just have us launder, pick-up and deliver your cloth diapers.  We can accommodate your needs.  This plan will include a deposit of $50.00.

How the Build your own plan works:  Diaper drop will call you to set up your delivery date and help you choose which cloth diaper options you would like to use after you have set up your account and paid the deposit.  Each child is different and each cloth diaper is unique in its function.  Our goal is to set you and your family up for success!

*Our clients can purchase cloth diapers, but this plan does not include the purchase of products.  This plan allows parents to utilize Diaper drops products and services only.

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Newborn, Infant, Toddler-1, Toddler-2, Almost Potty Trained